Four Tips To Choose The Right Handles And Accessories For Your Home

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Four Tips to Choose the Right Handles and Accessories for Your Home

Handles and knobs are small things that are often overlooked when renovating or building a house. However, handles, bathroom accessories, and other hardware for the house are essential final finishes for your home, as they possess the power to emphasize your interior design. Also, let’s not forget that they provide vital functionality to your doors, cabinets, kitchen, and bathroom. This makes it critical to pick the correct color, design, style, sizes, and quality when buying handles.

To help you do just that, Handle This! has put together a list of tips to choose the right handles and accessories for your home. With these tips, you will find it easier to locate what you need to complete your home’s interiors.

1. Know the sizes.

If you are replacing old handles, you need to know the sizing of the existing ones. If they are for new furniture, you will need (drawer, door, or cabinet) measurements to make sure the right size is selected.

2. Maintain one style.

With bathroom accessories, you want to make sure the style of the towel bar, toilet paper, etc. match the style and color of the faucets, shower accessories, and the cabinet in the room.

3. Plan your requirements.

Make sure you have a color or look in mind before making these selections. If you don’t have a designer working with you, we recommend you look online at room styles you like so you have an idea of the look you want. If you are not a visual person, using a designer would be a great way to ease the selection process. As for handles, let us help you select the perfect handle that fits your individual budget.

4. Consult a professional.

When customers come to see us, they are usually puzzled about what handle size to use, how many to use (one or two) on pot and pan drawers, or how to mix handles and knobs with cups. To overcome these problems, you will need to know how wide your drawer sizes are. If you have a drawing from your kitchen company bring it with you, if you have a sample door get it along, or if you have pictures on your phone of your cabinets bring them too. This helps put your space together quicker.

As experts in door and cabinet handles, bathroom accessories, and vanities, we make the selection process easier for you. We work closely with interior designers and kitchen companies to bring you only the best quality kitchen and bathroom accessories in Toronto, ON. Our team also works closely with you to help you select the right color, style, size, and price bathroom and cabinetry accessories.

To know more about our products and services at Handle This!please click here. For a preview of our products, check out our gallery. To speak with our experts, get in touch with us here.

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