How to Pick Handle Styles and Sizes for your Kitchen

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How to Pick Handle Styles and Sizes for Your Kitchen

Many people overlook the importance of drawer and cabinet handles in their kitchen, but they are a small way to make a big statement. The size or shape of the handles you choose can make or break the overall style of the room.

At Handle This! in Canada, we love how simple or intricate handles can make your cabinets pop, bringing out your overall design style with this seemingly small detail. With so many options, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right size, shape, and style of handle that matches your kitchen perfectly. To help you, we’ve created a how-to guide for choosing handles so your kitchen looks beautiful and stylish.

  1. Take proper measurements. If you have a new kitchen it is easier to select style and size based on exactly what you want to put in each area. But when you have existing holes it is a little more challenging. Make sure you measure from the middle of the first screw to the middle of the second screw. This will give you the size of the center to center so you know what to shop for.
  2. Take your measurements shopping with you. Bring a measuring tape, door sample, and kitchen drawing or size of your drawers. This will help you pick the right size for each section. For example, you might want to put knobs on all doors and various size of handles on the drawers depending on the width of the inside panel
  3. Select colours and finishes that fit your kitchen. Once you have your measurements, now you see what color would best suit your kitchen. You don’t have to match your handle color with your appliances. Mixing metals creates layering. You could also have a different colour from your light fixtures to handles.
  4. Choose your preferred handle shape. Consider whether you would like a square handle or round. What look do you prefer? Which is more comfortable for you to use?
  5. Base your handle style off the existing elements in your kitchen. The style of the handle will be based on what has already been chosen for your space e.g. cabinet doors, lighting, countertop, appliances, etc.
  6. Consider pulls. Would you like to put pulls everywhere? What size of pulls will look best? All your doors should be consistent, with the exception of your pantry doors and your longer drawers, which would look great with longer pulls.
  7. Handles for kitchen islands. If you have an Island, it is always fun to put matching but not exact handles if you want it to look more like a furniture piece.
  8. Long handles vs. two handles for large drawers. Would you like one long handle on pot and pan drawers or two shorter ones? This decision changes the look of your kitchen from clean line modern contemporary to traditional transitional. Choose the style that matches your kitchen best for a cohesive look and feel.

If you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation, planning a kitchen renovation, or simply looking to spruce up your existing kitchen, reach out to the handle experts at HandleThis! to create the right look for you. We are a family owned kitchen and bathroom accessories business, serving the public, interior designers, and kitchen remodel companies with their accessory needs. With hundreds of colour, size, and pricing options to choose from, we can help create a custom look for your doors, kitchen, and bathrooms.

HandleThis! serves Bradford, Brampton, Brock (North of Whitby), Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Whitby, and the surrounding areas. Visit our website for more details or get in touch with us here.

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